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Night Coachman, 1928.  

Original title: Nichnyi viznyk
Copyright: VUFKU, State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography.
Format: feature narrative, psychological drama
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white
Length: 55 min.
Original language: silent with Ukrainian intertitles.
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian
English intertitles by the Ukrainian Film Club of Columbia University, New York, N.Y.


Film crew
Director: Heorhiy Tasin
Script writer: Moisey Zats
Cinematographer: Albert Kühn
Art designers: Heinrich Beisetzenhertz, Yosyp Shpinel


Film cast
Ambrosiy Buchma as Hordiy Yaroshchuk, the night coachman
Maria Dussimetier as his daughter Katia Yaroshchuk
Yuriy Shumsky as the Chief of counter-intelligence
Karlo Tomsky as Bolshevik Borys


Thirty out of fifty years of his life Hordiy Yaroshchuk has worked nightshifts as coachman in Odesa. He does his best to stay away from politics, even now, at the time of the revolutionary upheaval of the 1917-1920. Yet unbeknownst to him his own beloved daughter Katia is an active member of an underground Bolshevik printing operation. She prints and disseminates subversive leaflets in the city occupied by the Whites. Hordiy does not like the Bolsheviks and thinks, not without satisfaction, that their days are numbered. When he discovers that one of them, Borys, hides in the attic of his house, Hordiy, without thinking twice, denounces him to the White counter-intelligence. He never in his worst nightmare anticipates that the Whites who come to arrest the trespasser, will instead catch Hordiy's own daughter in the act of handling the fonts of the underground printing press. What follows is a heart-rending tragedy that also proves to be to Hordiy a belated political epiphany.
This intense and deeply moving psychological drama features the great Ambrosiy Buchma as Hordiy at his best. "The Night Coachman" was shown to a great viewers' and critical reception both in Ukraine and around the world. The film marked one of the first international successes of the nascent Ukrainian national film school. 

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