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Business As Usual, 2012.  

Original title: Zvychaina sprava
Copyright: State Film Administration of Ukraine, Harmata Film Productions, 2012.
Format: feature narrative
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 1'28"
Original language: Ukrainian
English subtitles: yes

Film crew
Director: Valentyn Vasianovych
Script writer: Valentyn Vasianovych, Ia Myslytska, Maciej Sobeiszczanski, Malgozata Sobieszczanska.
Producer: Ia Myslytska
Director of photography: Yurii Dunai
Art designer: Vladlen Odudenko
Composers: Oleksandra Morozova, Kostiantyn Bushynsky
Costumes: Hala Otenko
Sound: Iryna Skrypchenko, Ihor Rohachov
Editing: Valentyn Vasianovych
Executive producer: Mar'yana Novikova

Film cast:
Taras Denysenko as Tolik
Lesia Samaieva as Marta
Vitaly Linetsky as Slavik
Semen Furman as old physician
Ian Vasianovych as Kostia
Yurii Shulhan Dmytro Rybalevsky as drug addicts
Oleh Prymohenov as Tolik's brother
Olena Uzliuk as a patient
Natalia Nadyradze as chief doctor
Tamara Yatsenko as Elvira Solomonivna
Mykhailo Illienko as patient with a switch


Director’s synopsis

Tolik, the protagonist of this story and a hereditary physician, gets fired from his hospital for a fight with patients. He interprets this event as a good omen marking the beginning of a new life for him. What’s left to do are small things like, for example, convincing his wife Marta (Lesia Samaieva) that with time everything will be fine and he will finally be able to make some money and finish fixing their apartment, that has been under repair for the last five years.

His cherished dream to become a “free,” and with luck, even a well-known, poet will finally come true. After all, his poetry is not at all bad, even his wife says so. It is great that at this moment his old friend Slavik (Vitaly Linetsky) is by his side. In hard times , he supports the protagonist the best he can. His friend knows it all: what the sense of life is, how to make money, how to gain fame. Slavik gets the protagonist involved in a number of absurd situations. As a result of such a breath-taking chain of events Tolik loses everything he has. He gears up for his last showdown and finally vanquishes evil but, unfortunately, goes insane and ends up institutionalized.

The dramatic situations in his family and the absurd screw-up with Slavic quite possibly pushed him to write some truly beautiful poems. They will later become part of his poetry collection. Tolik has realized his wishes, he has published his poetry collection, but the question arises – is it all worth the price he has to pay?

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