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Perekop, 1930.  

Original title: Perekop
Copyright: VUFKU, State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography.
Format: feature narrative
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white
Length: 49 min.
Original language: silent with Ukrainian intertitles.
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian


Film crew
Written and directed: Ivan Kavaleridze
Cinematographer: Mykola Topchiy
Art designer: Hryhorii Dovzhenko
Original new sound track: Nadto sonna (2Sleepy), 2011.
Produced at VUFKU


Film cast:
O. Pidlisna, V, Krasenko, I. Tverdokhlib, S. Shahaida, V. Piddubnyi, M. Astaf'iev.


This revolutionary epic likens the push for industrialization of Soviet Ukraine with the battle for Perekop during the Civil War. A missing plow blade is presented as a symbol of the country's backward peasant economy that needs to be transformed in the course of the industrial construction. In an onslaught of rapidly changing images, Ukrainian village with its peasants suspicious of everything new, dramatically collides with the frenzy of working factories, plants, and mines. The battle for socialism is no less a warfare than the real war, except that it is so poetic that the prediction of more Perekops to come is meant to thrill and inspire the builders of communism. The new soundtrack by 2Sleepy's further enhances Ivan Kavaleridze's avant-garde esthetics.

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