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Original title Povodyr
Copyright: Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, Pronto Film, 2014.
Genre: feature narrative, historical drama
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 122 min.
Original language: Ukrainian, with some Russian
English subtitles: yes
Official film website:

Director: Oles Sanin
Script writer: Oles Sanin, Oleksander Irvanets, Iren Rozdobutko, Paul Voliansky

Director of photography: Serhii Mykhalchuk
Set designer: Serhii Yakutovych, Vladilen Odudenko
Composer: Alla Zahaikevych
Costume designer: Hala Otenko, Oleksandra Stiopina
Make-up artist: Iryna Solodovska
Casting: Alla Samoilenko
Producer: Maksym Asadchy, Ihor Savychenko, Oles Sanin.

Film cast
Anton Sviatoslav Green as Peter Shemrok
Stanislav Boklan as Ivan
Oleksander Kobzar as Volodymyr
Dzhamala as Olha
Iryna Sanina as Orysia
Dennis Geoffrey Barrell
Eduard Bezrodny as Arkadii
Oleh Prymohenov as Mykola Sytnyk
Andrii Bilous as division commander, et al.

The events in the film take place in the early 1930th in Soviet-occupied Ukraine during the period of industrialization, collectivization, the Holodomor (genocidal famine, orchestrated by Moscow) and liquidation of Ukrainian cultural elite. American businessman Michael Shamrock with his ten-year old son Peter come to the city of Kharkiv. Michael has a plan; he wants to exchange his tractor for grain. Сomrade Vladimir meets Michael with his son and makes him an extremely profitable proposition. Michael only has to say that he is a communist and he has come to build a tractor factory. During the celebration of the first tractor launch, one of the republic heads gives secret papers about planned repressions in Ukraine to Michael. These papers Michael has to give to a Western reporter by the name of Gareth. On his way to railway station, Michael hides the secret papers in his son's book. In the train Peter becomes an accidental witness of his father's murder. By chance the boy succeeds in fleeing due to the blind bandura player Ivan Kocherha. NKVD (i.e. National Commission of Internal Affairs) in Moscow forges the case about the murder of an American communist, accuses the Ukrainian resistance movement of it and starts the repressions. Vladimir gets the order to find the boy and papers at any price. Meanwhile Peter joins the blind man as his guide.

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