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Spell Your Name, 2006.

Original title: Spell Your Name (also Ukrainian and Russian language versions)
Copyright: USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, 2006.
Format: feature documentary
Carrier: DVD
Color: black-and-white and color
Length: 100"
Original language: Russian and Ukrainian
English subtitles: yes

Film crew
Director: Serhy Bukovsky
Camera: Roman Elensky, Volodymyr Kukorenchuk
Director of computer animation: Artem Sukharev
Original music by Vadim Khrapachev
Executive producers: Steven Spielberg and Viktor Pinchuk
Executive director: Douglas Greenberg
Executive in charge of production; Kim Simon
Producer: Mark Edwards


This film is about one of the most horrible chapters in the 20th century Ukrainian history, the Nazi extermination of Ukrainian Jews during World War Two. From carefully recorded video interviews with the Ukrainian Holocaust survivors, a picture of unspeakable human suffering and savagery, courage and villainy, hope against all odds and resignation in the face of evil is woven together. Challenging the widespread stereotypes, the award-winning filmmaker Serhy Bukovsky, gives voice to the unheard victims of the Nazi atrocities, Jews, Ukrainians and others, as well as the forgotten heroes, a gallery of Ukrainians who risking their own lives and those of their families saved many Jews from a certain death.

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