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Two Days, 1927.  

Original title: Dva dni
Copyright: VUFKU, State Agency of Ukraine for Cinematography.
Format: feature narrative, psychological drama
Carrier: DVD
Color: black and white
Length: 60 min.
Original language: silent with Ukrainian intertitles.
Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian


Film crew
Director: Heorhiy Stabovy
Script writer: Solomon Lazuryn
Cinematographer: Danylo Demutsky
Art design: Heinrich Beisenhertz
Music: Borys Liatoshynsky (1932) and Yuri Mykhalchuk (2011)
Produced by VUFKU


Film cast
Ivan Zamychkovsky, Serhy Minin, Valery Hakkebush


The protagonist, an old devoted servant of a wealthy aristocratic family undergoes a painful political awakening during the tumultuous days of the Civil War. His masters, the owners of the mansion, flee in panic before the advancing Bolshevik troops. In confusion, their son is left behind and is hidden from the Reds by the old man in the attic of the mansion. Meanwhile the old man condemns his own son, an ardent Bolshevik, for his betrayal of the old order. Overnight the situation changes and the Whites recapture the city. Thanks to the information provided by the young aristocrat who had hidden in the attic, the old man's son is arrested. His execution by the Whites, his father's entreaties notwithstanding, triggers off a political epiphany in the old man. He realizes finally, however late, who his enemies and friends are. He takes a terrible revenge on his son's executioners.

The film stands out not only by the subtlety of psychological interpretation of the human actions, but also by the admirable camerawork of the great Danylo Demytsky, the wizard of cinematography, whose talent will stun the world a few years later in Oleksander Dovzhenko's masterpieces "Arsenal" and "Earth".

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