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Yellow Flower for Mr. Bourillon, 2012.  

Original title: Zhovta kvitka dlia Mesie Buriyona.
Copyright: Cine Fac / Wiz Art, 2012.
Format: feature short, comedy
Carrier: DVD
Color: color
Length: 19 min.
Original language: Ukrainian with some surzhyk
English subtitles: yes


Film crew
Director: Larysa Artiuhina
Script writer: Andrii Zlanych, with participation of Marc-Antoine Frederic and Volodymyr Yamnenko
Cinematographer:  Fiona Braillon
Animation: Celia Riviere
Producers: Maria Baraz and Valentyna Zalevska


Film cast
Marc-Antoine Frederic as Jean Bourillon
Volodymyr Yamnenko as Havrylovych
Khrystyna Danylova as Katia
Oleh Prymohenov as policeman
Ruslan Batytsky as young booklover
Daria Driuchenko as female booklover


Over more than a decade, comedy has proven to be a tough nut to crack for Ukrainian filmmakers. This feature short made in anticipation of the European Soccer Championship of 2012 is a wonderfully refreshing exception to the rule. A beautiful young Ukrainian woman translates a book by a French author, one Jean Bourillon, whose ignorance of the Ukrainian culture is compounded by arrogance and false assumptions. There is to be his book presentation in Kyiv and Mr. Bourillon will be attending it in person. As often happens in Ukraine with international travelers, there are meticulously built plans and there is the reality that inevitably corrects them. What follows is a truly funny comedy of errors that teeters between the absurd and the utterly ridiculous. The viewer witnesses a dramatic clash of civilizations in a glass of water masterfully orchestrated by Ms. Artiuhina.

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