Columbia Men's Ultimate

Who are we?

We are Uptown Local, Columbia University’s Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team and, since 1973, we have been practicing and competing in tournaments across the country. We strive to represent the core values of our sport and our university at the highest levels of competition, while never losing sight of our love for the game and each other.

What is ultimate?

Though in the past ultimate has been regarded as a 'hippy' alternative sport, the modern ultimate scene has evolved far beyond its roots. With high flying grabs, diving catches and SportsCenter-making plays, modern ultimate frisbee hardly resembles the drunken college pickup of old.

Ultimate is a team sport combining aspects of soccer, football, basketball and volleyball. Currently, it is one of the fastest growing sports in America; there are over 14,000 members in the college division alone. Nearly every university in the US has a club ultimate team, and there is a highly competitive championship series that culminates in a national championship in the late spring.

Who can join?

No experience is necessary.

Most incoming freshmen join the team with little to no experience with competitive ultimate. The sport itself is young. The team is always changing. Interested players are always welcome.

Anyone in the area is welcome to practice with us. To compete in tournaments, you must be at least a part-time, degree-seeking student at Columbia and still have eligibility with USAU, the governing body of the sport.

Who do you play?

USAU divides the country into ten geographic regions. Each region is split up into smaller sections. Columbia is a part of the Metro East region, which includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We compete against colleges in these states as well as those in the New England and Ohio Valley regions.

How often is practice?

Two or three times a week at night at Baker Athletic Complex, lasting about two hours. We take the university shuttle directly to the field. Practices in winter/early spring either take place inside the new Baker bubble, or in the Dodge gym.

How do I get to Baker?

Baker Athletic Complex, denoted by 'A' on the map, is located at 533 W 218th St (Corner of W 218th St and 10th Ave). The shuttle picks us up at the 118th and Amsterdam campus gates. Shuttle schedules will be communicated to the team, along with which shuttle time the captains request we take.

In case you cannot make the shuttle, take the '1' subway line from the 116th St station at campus to the 215th St station, denoted by 'B' on the map.

How to join

Sign up for the mailing list by sending an email to

Additionally, like our Facebook page for updates about early season practices and recruiting events.

How to help out

If you are interested in helping out or taking photos or video during practice or a tournament, send an email to

In addition, please consider pressing the button below to give a donation towards tournament fees and travel! Rise Up!