Columbia Uptown Local

How to join

There are two steps to get you started:

  1. Sign up for the mailing list

    This gets you all the updates on practices and tournament schedules.

  2. Start coming to practice.

Simple, no? As a club team, we're open to all students on campus, and we don't make cuts (though we do have A and B teams). The women's team has a separate mailing list and practice schedule.

Team Dues

Team dues are $40 each semester. Due to club sports policy, we must raise a certain percentage of our budget on our own through dues. They will be collected at the beginning of each semester.

Do I need anything special to play?

Cleats and running shoes. Football (wide-reciever) or Lacrosse cleats are recommended.

We sell discs!

Buy an Uptown Local disc. They're all nice and logo-ified. (Ask the captains about buying them)