Columbia Uptown Local

What is ultimate?

Ultimate is a highly athletic and competitive team sport in which two opposing teams attempt to score points. Though in the past ultimate has been regarded as a 'hippy' alternative sport, the modern ultimate scene has evolved far beyond its roots. Today, it is an incredibly exciting and dynamic sport.

Currently, ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in America; there are more collegiate ultimate players than lacrosse players. Nearly every university in the US has a club ultimate team, and there is a highly competitive championship series that culminates in a national championship in the late spring.

Who is Columbia Ultimate?

Uptown Local is Columbia University's men's ultimate frisbee team. We've been around for over twenty years practicing and competing in tournaments on the local and national level.

We are coming off of our best season in recent history, T-3rd at the Metro East regional tournament this past spring. While we graduated many of our top players, we are looking forward to starting off the season in March and competing again at Sectionals and Regionals this Spring 2012 season. We have practiced day and night and are working hard to achieve equal or better success this season.

Who can join?

No experience is necessary.

Most incoming freshmen join the team with little to no experience with competitive ultimate. The sport itself is young. The team is always changing. Interested players are always welcome.

Anyone in the area is welcome to practice with us. To compete in tournaments, you have to be at least a part-time, degree-seeking student at Columbia and still have eligibility with the UPA.

How often is practice?

Two or three times a week at night at Robertson Baseball Field, lasting about two hours. We take the Uptown Local train to 218th St. and Broadway. Practices in winter/early spring also take place indoors on Mondays at 6:30am.

Who do you play?

The UPA divides the country into eight geographic regions. Each region is split up into smaller sections. Columbia is a part of the Metro East region, which includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We compete against colleges in these states as well as those in the New England region.

What's a tournament like?

Tournaments are usually hosted by various colleges in the region. A tournament involves waking up very early on a Saturday, anywhere from an hour to four hours of travel time on a bus or in a van, and playing six to eight games between Saturday and Sunday. Events that are closer to home will warrant a return trip between the two days. Otherwise, we find a hotel. A tournament will eat up your entire weekend including most of the study time you had planned. (We do manage to make it back for the Simpsons, though). We do this about five times each semester.

Who coaches the team?

Who coaches the team? Currently, Grant Boyd, a Columbia alum, coaches the team. He is in charge of organizing practice routines and preparing the team for success in the Spring tournaments. He is a member of the premier New York club ultimate team, PoNY.

How much are dues?

Dues are usually $80 per semester to cover tournament fees and travel costs.