How to Join

  1. Ask the captains to add you to the mailing list at:
    This gets you all the updates on practices and tournament schedules.
  2. Start coming to practice!
Simple, no? As a club team, we're open to all students on campus, and we don't make cuts. The men's team has a separate mailing list and practice schedule.

Team Dues

There are team dues each semester (announced each season); they're collected within the first month of practices.

Do I need anything special to play?

Just some cleats, running shoes, and the willingness to sweat (just a little). Lacrosse cleats are recommended (better for cutting and lateral movement vs. soccer cleats, which are designed for primarily forward speed). Getting cleats at Modell's Sporting Goods store, particularly the one at 348 Amsterdam Ave New York, NY 10024, is highly recommended. Insomnia Cookies and Levain Bakery are conveniently nearby!

We sell discs!

Buy an NYPD disc. They're all nice and logo-ified. (Ask the captains about buying them)