The Day Buzz Died
by Joe Rezek

It is 11:30 in New Hampshire on a Saturday
and we are on this road trip up north,
singing for a few dollars at the Portsmouth
Historical Society and we wake up late.
It's been the year 2000 for a while now.
We go downtown and get our picture
taken in Market Square; we drink some
coffee and greet neighborhood dogs and
expect to get to Boston at about 3:00.

We walk back to Charles' house where we
stayed last night, all passed out on his living room
floor. We watch a few cartoons and are on our way.

So we get onto I-95 southbound and I call
the group at Boston University we will sing
with and for once I don't get the answering machine.
They expect a few hundred people
and about five other college groups too.
Sky's driving and the two of us try
to decide what songs to sing, maybe LET'S DO IT
or KING OF PAIN, but then we decide
it's better to start with AUTUMN LEAVES like
we always do and end with

We talk about the group next year
and how many basses we'll have and how
many altos we need from the fresh
first years. We make a few silly faces
at the car in back of us and Sky gets the phone call

and starts laughing hysterically but then I see
in view of the mirror that she's all tears
and Dave tries to steer the car to the side
of the highway and we're sweating and I remember
the message he sent out of the blue last year
telling us he's leaving the group and Columbia and for a while I didn't