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Presidential Teaching Awards


   Established in 1996, the presidential awards honor the best of Columbia's teachers for the influence they have on the development of their students and their part in maintaining the University's longstanding reputation for educational excellence. They are conferred according to the criteria and procedures developed by separate faculty committees for the awards for faculty and graduate students.

   The awards are designed to recognize the diverse forms that teaching may take in the different parts of the University. Therefore, anyone who holds a full- or part-time faculty appointment in one of the departments within the Columbia Corporation, other than student officers of instruction, is eligible for the faculty teaching award. Candidates for the graduate student awards must be enrolled in a degree program offered by one of the schools within the Columbia Corporation but do not need to be teaching in the year in which they are nominated.

   Each year, the President of the University writes to faculty, students and alumni asking for nominations for the two awards. Individuals may, however, submit nominations for faculty or graduate students any time by clicking on the nomination buttons below.

Faculty Awards
Graduate Student Awards

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