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Teaching Award Winners


Lucie Brock-Broido

Professor of Writing in the Faculty of the Arts

School of the Arts

Her students describe her as one of the sharpest minds in modern poetry and one of the most effective teachers in helping them find their poetic voice.


Gil Eyal

Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology

One of the finest sociologists of his generation, he equips his students to produce equally influential scholarship, leading them routinely to vote for him as his department’s “professor of the year.”


Barbara Fields

Professor of History

Department of History

Her abilities as a scholar are matched by her commitment to her students and her skill at teaching them how to think clearly and write intelligently about our country’s past.

Rocco Servedio

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

He has made Columbia a center of educational excellence in computational learning systems with his ability to guide his students to an understanding of the most advanced ideas of computer science.


David Vallancourt

Senior Lecturer in Circuits and Systems in the Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

With his extensive knowledge and his skill at communicating it to others, he earns the praises of his students for his ability to educate them in the complexities of electronics and circuitry.



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