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2015 Faculty

Teaching Award Winners


Sally W. Aboelela

Assistant Professor of Nursing at the Columbia University Medical Center

School of Nursing

Teacher, colleague, role model, and mentor, you embrace all the qualities of a truly extraordinary educator.


Peter S. Bearman

Jonathan R. Cole Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology

You are an innovative teacher: unconventional, challenging and yet empowering because you treat students as your equals and you foster genuine discussion and collaborative discovery.


Greg A. Freyer

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the Columbia University Medical Center

Mailman School of Public Health

Year after year, your dedication to teaching has been recognized by students who have rated you among the School’s best teachers.


Kenneth M. Prager

Professor of Medicine at the Columbia University Medical Center

Department of Medicine

Over a career spanning more than four decades, you have been a paradigmatic physician-educator, the embodiment of compassionate, humanistic care and a revered role model at ease with both the science and the art of medicine.


Daniel C. Richman

Paul J. Kellner Professor of Law

School of Law

Your deep commitment to the betterment of students and the betterment of society is unequaled and admirable.



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