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Presidential Teaching Awards

Prior Winners

Faculty Awards

Teodolinda Barolini, Department of Italian
Allan Blaer, Department of Physics
Herbert Chase, Department of Medicine
James Shenton, Department of History
Edward Tayler, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Caroline Bynum, Department of History
Leonard Fine, Department of Chemistry
Gerard E. Lynch, School of Law
Joseph Patterson, Department of Astronomy
Andrew Wit, Department of Pharmacology
Ian Bent, Department of Music
Elizabeth Blackmar, Department of History
Robert Ferguson, Department of English and Comparative Literature and School of Law
Glenda Garvey, Department of Medicine
Alan Ziegler, School of the Arts
Hilary Ballon, Department of Art History and Archaeology
Richard Bushman, Department of History
Martha Dore, School of Social Work
Eric Marcus, Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine
Deborah Mowshowitz, Department of Biological Sciences
George Flynn, Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Bruce Greenwald, Graduate School of Business
David Kastan, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Jay Lefkowitch, Department of Pathology
Sharon Schwartz, Mailman School of Public Health
Joseph Connors, Department of Art History and Archaeology
John B. Donaldson, Graduate School of Business
David J. Helfand, Department of Astronomy
Steven Z. Miller, Department of Pediatrics
Carol Sanger, School of Law
Kathy H. Eden, Departments of English and Comparative Literature and of Classics
Sigvard G. Gissler, Graduate School of Journalism
Thomas J. Katz, Department of Chemistry
Archie Rand, School of the Arts
Gerald Thomson, Department of Medicine
Lawrence B. Engel, School of the Arts
Amy L. Fairchild, Department of Sociomedical Sciences
Martin Meisel, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Yannis P. Tsividis, Department of Electrical Engineering
Nicholas J. Turro, Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Earth and Environmental Engineering
Suzanne Bakken, School of Nursing and Department of Biomedical Informatics
Amanda Claybaugh, Department of English and Comparative Literature
E. Tory Higgins, Department of Psychology
Patricia O'Toole, School of the Arts
P. Michael Tuts, Department of Physics
Nicholas J. Dames, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Patrick Gallagher, Department of Mathematics
Lydia D. Goehr, Department of Philosophy
Bruce George Link, Departments of Epidemiology and Sociomedical Sciences
Sanford I. Padwe, Graduate School of Journalism
Melissa Begg, Department of Biostatistics
Marc L. Dickstein, Department of Anesthesiology
Eric Foner, Department of History
Laurie Hodrick, Graduate School of Business
Nikolaus Wolcz, School of the Arts
Joyce K. Anastasi, School of Nursing
Patricia Culligan, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Donald Hood, Departments of Psychology and Ophthalmology
Liza Knapp, Department of Slavic Languages
Susan Sturm, School of Law
Andrea Bubula, School of International and Public Affairs
Lewis Cole, School of the Arts
Carl Hart, Department of Psychology
Letty Moss-Salentijn, College of Dental Medicine
Gerard Parkin, Department of Chemistry
Wendy K. Chung, Department of Pediatrics
George Deodatis,Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Marguerite Y. Holloway, Graduate School of Journalism
Scott A. Snyder, Department of Chemistry
Joseph Tenenbaum, Department of Medicine
Sharon R. Akabas, Department of Pediatrics
Michelle S. Ballan, School of Social Work
Linda F. Cushman, Department of Population and Family Health
Frederik B.S. Paerels, Department of Astronomy
Michael S. Sparer, Department of Health Policy and Management
bullet Mary Sheila S. Coronel, Graduate School of Journalism
bullet Kenneth Frampton, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
bullet Richard Korb, Department of Germanic Languages
bullet Richard Locke, School of the Arts
bullet Jill S. Shapiro, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
bullet Jonathan Barasch, Departments of Medicine and Pathology and Cell Biology
bullet John C.M. Brust, Department of Neurology
bullet Samuel G. Freedman, Graduate School of Journalism
bullet Carol B. Liebman, School of Law
bullet Eric R. Mendelsohn, School of the Arts
bullet Lucie Brock-Broido, School of the Arts
bullet Gil Eyal, Department of Sociology
bullet Barbara Fields, Department of History
bullet Rocco Servedio, Department of Computer Science
bullet David Vallancourt, Department of Electrical Engineering


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