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Teaching Award Winners


Andrea, Bubula

Lecturer in Discipline

International and Public Affairs


He gives his students the resources and personalized attention they need to master the complexities of microeconomics.


Lewis Cole

Professor of Professional Practice

School of the Arts -Film Division


He has shown a generation of students of film making how to shape their inspirations into works of cinematic art.


Carl, Hart

Associate Professor



A public voice on substance abuse, he teaches his student to think critically and communicate effectively about a subject that is highly technical and easily misunderstood.


Letty, Moss-Salentijn

Dr. Edwin S. Robinson Professor of Dentistry (in Anatomy and Cell Biology); Senior Associate Dean in the College of Dental Medicine

College of Dental Medicine


Using her deep knowledge of the morphologic sciences, she has introduced almost four decades of dental and medical students to the beauty of anatomical structures.


Gerard, Parkin




A consummate scholar of inorganic and organometallic chemistry, he is also an inspirational teacher and devoted mentor to both undergraduate and graduate students.



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