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Teaching Award Winners


Wendy K. Chung

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (in Medicine)

Department of Pediatrics

She devotes herself to training her students to be compassionate, humanistic physicians and has worked tirelessly to improve the educational programs of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.


George Deodatis

Santiago and Robertina Calatrava Family Professor of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

He makes complicated engineering concepts understandable without sacrificing their complexity and makes theory real through his imaginative practical applications.


Marguerite Y. Holloway

Assistant Professor of Journalism

Graduate School of Journalism

She creates a magical, inspiring connection to her students, giving them the grounding and skills that prepare them for careers in journalism that contribute to the public understanding of science.



Scott A. Snyder

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

He makes organic chemistry, a subject that many undergraduates find daunting, comprehensible and is no less skilled in helping graduate students grow into independent scientists.



Joseph Tenenbaum

Edgar Leifer Professor of Clinical Medicine

Department of Medicine

He has inspired generations of students, house officers, fellows, and faculty to care for patients with compassion informed by intelligence and with dedication informed by wisdom.




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