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Teaching Award Winners


Sharon R. Akabas

Associate Clinical Professor of Nutrition (in Pediatrics and the Institute of Human Nutrition)

Department of Pediatrics

Education in how to treat childhood obesity has been at the core of her scholarly life as well as her success in preparing students to contribute to that worthy goal.


Michelle S. Ballan

Assistant Professor of Social Work

School of Social Work

She has integrated the study of disabilities into the curriculum of the School of Social Work and made it a leading center for the training of professionals who work in the field.


Linda F. Cushman

Associate Clinical Professor of Population and Family Health

Department of Population and Family Health

She helps her students master of the complexities of research protocols and leads them to a recognition of the potential impact of their research on the lives of the people they study.

Frederik B.S. Paerels

Associate Professor of Astronomy

Department of Astronomy

He cultivates in his students a deep appreciation of the universe, pulling aside the intimidating curtain of equations and data to reveal its underlying principles.



Michael S. Sparer

Professor of Health Policy and Management

Department of Health Policy and Management

He guides his students to a skillful understanding how of our country’s health systems work, where they succeed and why they sometimes fail.




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