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Columbia College and School of Continuing Education Dean Searches

Office of the Vice President for Arts and Sciences

October 9, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we are currently engaged in two decanal searches in the Arts and Sciences; one to replace Columbia College Dean Austin Quigley after fourteen years of dedicated service, and the other to replace acting Dean Peter Awn of the School of Continuing Education, who has been serving us in this capacity while continuing as Dean of the School of General Studies.

I have established two search committees.  (Please see below for a full listing).  The search committee for a new College dean, chaired by me, is composed of eight Arts and Sciences faculty members, three alumni, and two students.  As we begin the process of soliciting and evaluating applications, we welcome your suggestions and nominations of prospective candidates.  In order to ensure confidentiality and the utmost propriety in this search, I ask that you direct all nominations to Spencer Stuart, the search firm we have employed.  Please email all nominations to the following email address:

The search committee for the dean of the School of Continuing Education is chaired by David Madigan.  Again we welcome your suggestions, nominations, and advice.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions otherwise, please feel free to contact me or to speak with Rose Razaghian who can be reached at or 212.854.5989.

Warm regards,


-- Nicholas B. Dirks
Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology and History
Vice President for Arts and Sciences
Columbia University
208 Low Memorial Library, MC 4315
New York, NY 10027
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Columbia College Dean Search Committee


E Valentine Daniel (Anthropology)
Robert David Friedman (Mathematics)
Norma V. Graham (Psychology)
Farah Jasmine Griffin (English and Comparative Literature)
Ira I. Katznelson (Political Science)
Philip Kitcher (Philosophy)
Zoë Sara Strother (Art History and Archaeology)
James J. Valentini (Chemistry)

Students, Columbia College

Adil Ahmed
Sarah Weiss

Alumni, Columbia College

Lisa Landau Carnoy – Vice Chair, Board of Visitors
Geoff Colvin – President, Columbia College Alumni Association
Jonathan Lavine – Chair, Board of Visitors

Ex Officio

Geraldine Downey (Vice Provost for Diversity Initiatives; Psychology)
Ann E. McDermott (Associate Vice President for Academic Planning and Science Initiatives; Esther Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry)

Staff Support

Rose Razaghian (Special Assistant to the Vice President for Arts & Sciences and Director of Communications)


School of Continuing Education Dean Search Committee


David Madigan (Statistics)
Peter Awn (Dean, General Studies, Religion)
Janet Currie (Economics)
John Donaldson (Business School)
Robyn Gershon (Mailman School of Public Health)
John Huber (Political Science)
Henry Pinkham (Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics)
Jane Praeger (School of Continuing Education)


Margaret Edsall (Association Vice President, Academic Planning, Arts and Sciences)
Scott Norum (Chief Administrative Officer, Arts and Sciences)
Jana Wright (Dean, Academic Administration, School of the Arts)


Gregory Muth (also on the Faculty of the School of Continuing Education)

Staff Support

Rose Razaghian (Special Assistant to the Vice President for Arts & Sciences and Director of Communications)