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Instructions for Closing FY10

Search Reimbursements
Honoraria Reimbursements
Departmental Membership Reimbursements

Search Reimbursements – Due 6/1/2010

Please submit the following to Audrey Rosenblatt in 105 Low:

1.  A completed FY10 search spreadsheet. This spreadsheet, which is in compliance with the FY10 search policy was distributed earlier this year. If you do not have a copy, please contact Audrey Rosenblatt.

2.  All internally incurred costs, such as postage or Xeroxing, should be submitted on an IDI. Rate information must be provided for all charges.

3. Please note that if you have more than one search you should have a separate spreadsheet as well as a separate journal entry FFE batch for each search.

Reimbursements for each search authorized by your department should be processed in different journal entry batches.

Journal Entries to be processed in FFE:

1.  Choose Expenditure/Revenue Correction from the Journal Entry Type menu.

2.  Select your department.

3.  Type “[your department] junior search” or “[your department] senior search” in the description field. (Keep in mind this field has a 20 character maximum.)

4.  In the field “DR account” use the department’s assigned account 2-387xx-xxxx (subcode should be the same as for the original charge).

5.  In the field “Description/Memo” type in the description used in FAS for the original charge. An additional screen will appear at the end of this field requesting more detailed information.

6.  In the Additional Required Information box, found at the end of the “Description” field, type “Reimbursement for junior/senior (as applicable) search expenses as per special agreement with Arts and Sciences.” If only transferring a partial expenditure (in order to keep within the allocation given by Arts and Sciences), add “Partial transfer of total expenditure in the amount of $_______since balance exceeds allocation given.”

7.  Batch reference, Ref2 Num, Statement Date, Amount, and CR Account should be completed appropriately based on the information found on the FAS statement. Total amount of journal entry should not exceed the search allowance given to your department. Individual search expenses should be processed in the same journal entry batch.

8.  When the journal entry has been completed, it should be released to our office by the Department Administrator or Business Manager. Journal entries that are released by anyone else will be rejected by our office. Please note: Once the journal entry has been released, you will no longer be able to make corrections to it.