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Telephone and Fax Reimbursements

The Office of the Vice President for Arts and Sciences reimburses up to $250 of department phone and fax expense for each professorial rank faculty member within the department. Lecturers do not qualify for phone reimbursement. Although a part of the Faculty Research Allowance Program (FRAP), this reimbursement program is exclusively for departmental charges and is in addition to any individual faculty member’s FRAP allocation. The telephone and fax reimbursement applies to all professorial rank faculty, whether or not they are currently eligible for FRAP.

Process for reimbursement:

  1. Refer to the monthly telephone detail report, by extension.
  2. Submit the monthly detail report in which the faculty member’s phone and fax charges totaled $250, or the April or May report for the total expenses for this fiscal year if the YTD amount is under $250.
  3. The charges may include local, long distance, and international calls. Faxes can also be included in the total. If the amount for all charges is under $250, you may also include the monthly Ethernet connection charges, up to a maximum of $250.
  4. In addition, the faculty member may use the $250 to cover phone mail enhancements. Please submit the appropriate bills with your other telephone charges.
  5. In addition to the signed FRAP Telephone Reimbursement form (Word), please submit the monthly detail report for each faculty member, as well as any other documentation (for faxes, Ethernet charges, enhancements). Documentation showing the calculation used to arrive at the faculty member's reimbursement amount must also be included.
  6. When preparing the journal entry, group junior and senior faculty separately.
  7. If you are crediting a grant account, please be sure to submit a paper Interdepartmental Invoice (IDI), separating the senior faculty expenses from the junior faculty expenses.

Preparing the journal entry:

  1. In Financial Front End (FFE), choose Expenditure/Revenue Correction for the Journal Entry Type menu.
  2. Select the department.
  3. Type “[your department] telephone” in the description field. (Keep in mind this field has a twenty-character maximum.)
  4. In the field “DR account” use the department's assigned 387 account number (2-387xx-xxxx). The subcode chosen should be the subcode used for the original charge.
  5. In the field “Description/Memo” type in the description used in the Financial Accounting System (FAS) for the original charge. An additional screen will appear at the end of this field requesting more detailed information.
  6. In the Additional Information Required box, found at the end of the Description field, type “Reimbursement from Arts and Sciences for department telephone costs reimbursable under the Faculty Research Allowance Program.” If partial reimbursement is requested, add “Allocation is a maximum of $250 per faculty member.”
  7. Batch reference used should be that of your CTS bill from your FAS statement.
  8. Ref2 Num, Statement Date, Amount, and CR Account should be completed appropriately based on the information found on your FAS statement. For the telephone reimbursement, you should enter “YTD” in the Ref2 Num field. For the statement date, you should enter the date of the statement submitted.
  9. When the journal entry has been completed, it should be released to our office by an Academic Departmental Administrator or Business Manager only. Journal entries that are released by anyone else will be rejected by our office. Please note: Once the journal entry is released, you will not be able to make any corrections to it.

Batches will not be approved until the documentation described above has been received by our office.

For additional information about telephone and fax reimbursements, please contact Marisa Nunez, Financial Assistant, at or (212) 854-6080.