Sunday's championship game was a closely fought battle between Columbia University and the United States Military Academy.  Both sides played with determination and for only two minutes in the entire game were they apart by more than a goal.  USMA brought its disciplined defense, unflagging stamina, and mohawks to the pool, while Columbia countered with the experience of its graduate students Daniel Mun, Sam Lowery, and Daniel Noval, and the energy brought by its home crowd.  USMA struck the first blow in the 2nd minute with a man-up goal from Peter Sunwoo and it was another three minutes before Columbia evened it up with an outside shot during another man-up by junior Billy Martin.  The second and third quarters saw the teams trading hard won goals and the lead, with contributions coming from Columbia's 2m Guga Chacra and power-driver Douglas Viloria and USMA's Warren Lally and Will Theisner.  In the fourth quarter USMA scored the equalizer in the first fifteen seconds and threatened to take the lead.  Two quick goals from Billy Martin and Douglas Viloria put the Lions ahead with a more comfortable two point lead, but Sam Greulich cut that to one with 1:42 left.  Facing elimination USMA stepped up their offense with several threatening shots which goalkeeper Ioannis Kefalogioannis deflected harmlessly.  Coming down to the last seconds Columbia's determined defense shut down the USMA's offense and managed to hold the lead for the championship win.  Captains Marnix Hollander and Sean Colenso-Semple attributed the victory to Columbia's gritty defense and dogged effort from veterans such as Gavin Kuangparichat, and younger players Matt Rowen, Alexi Shaw, Joe Matuk, Prospero Herrera and Musa Kurdi.

The team would like to extend their thanks to coach Igor Samardzija, the women's team for keeping the tournament running so smoothly and Brian Jines and Erich Ely for their assistance in organizing
the tournament.

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Last updated November, 15 2006

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