APAC Journal: Submission Guidelines

The APAC Journal is a periodical published by Columbia University’s Asia Pacific Affairs Council at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute. Released bi-annually by Columbia students, the APAC Journal is dedicated to fostering an understanding of vital issues through the exchange of professional and personal experiences spanning the Asia Pacific region.

We accept opinion pieces, interviews, photo essays, policy memos, travel journals, expository essays, research summaries, and more!

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Winter 2015 Theme:
Education, Social Movements & Democracy
Guiding question: (Note: Topics do not have to conform to the guiding question)
1. In light of recent events in Hong Kong and elsewhere, how do you think education, social movements and/or youth interact to effect change and democratic progress in the Asia Pacific?

Winter 2015 Deadlines:
Sign-up Deadline (1-Paragraph Proposal): Monday, October 27th
First Drafts: Monday, November 17th
Final Drafts/Edits: TBD
Print Deadline: TBD
Launch Party: TBD

Article Length:
Articles are generally between 700 to 1,200 words but shorter and longer articles are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Article Type:
The Journal considers submissions that are opinion pieces, expository essays, interviews (Q&As), policy memos, photo essays, travel journals, research summaries, and news/current events. If you have an idea for another type of submission, please send an e-mail to apacjournal@gmail.com.

If you have photos from the Asia Pacific region that want published (regardless of whether you want to contribute other content to the Journal), please send them to apacjournal@gmail.com with a brief description accompanying each. They may be used for the cover or other areas of the Journal.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Submissions should reflect a personal, professional or experiential interpretation of country-specific or regional issues.
    1. Submissions may include opinion pieces, photo essays, travel experiences, interviews, and news/current events.
    2. Submissions may reflect original research, but should generally not be full academic research papers unless they are summations or distillations of this research.
    3. Submission length may vary, but should generally be between 700-1,000 words.
  2. Submissions should illuminate the theme/topic of that semester’s issue; however, unrelated submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Submissions, while subject to editing and fact-checking by the editorial board, must already include proper citation in order to be considered for publication.
  4. Please include your full name, program/affiliation, and graduation year with all submissions. You must be a current or former Columbia student.
  5. E-mail submissions to apacjournal@gmail.com.

Editorial Board:
Dedicated students are being sought for the 2014-2015 academic year to fill the Journal's editorial board. Editors should expect to edit at least one article or (depending on your interests) help with layout, solicit submissions, or engage in publicity. Please e-mail Reece Johnson (rgj2110@columbia.edu) for more information.


Winter 2015 - "Education, Social Movements & Democracy""


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