International Conference on Tibetan Language

The Third International Conference on Tibetan Language will be held at Columbia University in New York City from December 9–14, 2011. It will bring together some 70 scholars from China, India and the West to discuss issues relating to Tibetan language, its study, teaching and development.

This conference is jointly organized by the Trace Foundation, the Shang Shung Institute (Archidosso, Italy), the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University, and the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center.

The conference consists of 11 panels, with papers and discussions reflecting on the current state of the language and its future development. The invited speakers will address such issues as grammatical features of the Tibetan language, recent dictionary projects, editing conventions, teaching first-language speakers, teaching Tibetan as a second language (especially at college-level), and technology.  

The conference seeks to  provide a platform for scholars from around the world to assess these and other issues and to help develop Tibetan language tools in the future.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu of the Shang Shung Institute will give the keynote address at the opening forum on Friday, December 9.

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