Expanding East Asian Studies Program

Supported by a grant from the Freeman Foundation and based at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute of Columbia University, the Expanding East Asian Studies (ExEAS) website presents innovative courses and teaching materials that incorporate the study of East Asia in broad thematic, transnational, and interdisciplinary contexts and provides models for incorporating East Asia into general education, disciplinary, and survey courses in undergraduate curricula. The ExEAS program was conducted from March 2002 through July 2007 under the direction of Senior Scholar Carol Gluck and Program Officer Heidi Johnson. Its teaching materials were produced by the ExEAS Teaching Collaborative, a group of faculty and postdoctoral fellows from two- and four-year undergraduate institutions in the Northeastern United States. In addition, the program expanded networks for sharing curricular resources among educators at all types of undergraduate schools and for the widest possible student audiences. ExEAS Postdoctoral Fellowships provided pedagogical training and experience for recent Ph.D.s in East Asian subjects as a bridge between the specialized research for the doctorate and the pedagogical demands of the undergraduate classroom.