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Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948)

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Mohandas Gandhi Timeline

Mohandas Gandhi Picture Photo courtesy of The Official Mahatma Gandhi eArchive & Reference Library

Biographies, Profiles, and General Resources

The Complete Site on Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhian Institute Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal
A comprehensive site featuring articles, biographical information, and samples of Gandhi’s writings. Sponsored by a Bombay-based charitable organization dedicated to promoting the teachings of Gandhi. See the “Biography" section for biographies and chronologies.
Gandhi, The Time 100
An article about the life and legacy of Mohandas Gandhi by Salman Rushdie. From Time Magazine’s “Most Important People of the Century."
Mahatma Gandhi, Manas: India and its Neighbors, Vinay Lal (Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles)
Information about Gandhi and several important actions in his life such as the Dandi March and the Quit India Movement.
Gandhi’s Salt March as Living Sermon by Tom Weber (La Trobe University , Australia ), The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research.
An essay discussing Gandhi’s famous Salt March.
Person of the Century Runner-Up: Mohandas Gandhi, Time Magazine
Features audio, an article by Johanna McGeary, an essay on Gandhi by Nelson Mandela, and a photo essay.
“Reflections on Gandhi" by George Orwell
An essay written in 1949 and featured in the collection Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays.


Speeches, Writing, and Other Primary Sources

Gandhi speaks to press on arrival in London, 1931 & Mohandas Gandhi, Indian independence leader: On his religious beliefs, 1869, The History Channel

Enter “Gandhi" in the search box for audio clips provided by the History Channel website.
Indian Home Rule Speech, Washington State University
A short, imaginary dialogue written by Gandhi in 1909 about British rule in India.
Quotes, Gandhi Virtual Ashram
A small collection of quotes. Unfortunately, no information is given regarding the dates or context of the selection..
Voice of Gandhi: My Spiritual Message
Audio files of a 1931 speech.


Photos and Artistic Representations
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Mahatma Gandhi Photo Gallery, Gandhian Institution Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal

A large collection of photographs, organized chronologically.
Mahatma Gandhi Pictures
A small collection of photos of Gandhi.
Photo Essay: Mohandas Gandhi, Time Magazine
A collection of photos with descriptive text. Part of Time’s website for “The Person of the Century."
Photo Gallery and Multimedia, Gandhi Virtual Ashram
The first link is to a small collection of photos with brief descriptions. The second is to a Quicktime movie of Gandhi.
Video Clips, Mahatma Gandhi
A large collection of 30-60 second video files. RealPlayer required to watch video.
A Wall of Movies, Harappa.com
Quicktime videos of nine newsreels featuring Gandhi, Nehru, Jinnah, and more.

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