Richard F. Calichman

Associate Research Scholar, Weatherhead East Asian Institute
Department Chair, Foreign Languages and Literature Department, CCNY

Research Interests: Modern Japanese Literature, premodern Japanese literature and modern Japanese history.

Richard Calichman is an associate professor of Japanese Studies and chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the City College of New York, CUNY. He has also taught numerous subjects including Asian Literature in Translation, Japanese Film: Kurosawa Akira, Asian Film and elementary and intensive Japanese language courses in the capacities of Assistant and Associate Professors at CCNY. His previous publications include Contemporary Japanese Thought, What Is Modernity? Writings of Takeuchi Yoshimi, and Takeuchi Yoshimi: Displacing the West. He has also written several published articles such as "Takeuchi Yoshimi," entry in Sourcebook in Japanese Philosophy ( University of Hawaii Press, forthcoming) and "The Topology of Post-1990s Historical Revisionism," translation of Iwasaki Minoru and Steffi Richter, "Rekishi shūseishugi: 1990 nendai ikō no isō" published in Positions: east asia cultures critique (2008).

He is currently working on a publication titled The Question of Method in Japan Studies: Literature, History, Philosophy and has co-edited the forthcoming publication The Politics of Culture: Around the Work of Naoki Sakai, (Routledge, 2010).

He received his BA in English from Colby College in 1988 and an MA in 1994 as well as his PhD in 2001 both from Cornell University. His major field of study was Modern Japanese Literature.