Myron L. Cohen

Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

Chinese culture and society: economic culture, popular religion, family and kinship, social change

Professor Cohen is working on three book projects, all focusing on the Meinong (Minong) region in southern Taiwan. “Minong’s Contracts: Illustrations, Transcriptions, Translations, Commentary, and Narrative” is the first of his planned books, while second is “Minong in Late Imperial China: Local Society and the Reach of the State.” The third project involves revising and expanding his early book House United, House Divided: The Chinese Family in Taiwan, so as to include consideration of changes in family life during the more than 45 years that have passed since he conducted the fieldwork upon which the original book was based.

Professor Cohen’s most recent publications include Kinship, Contract, Community, and State: Anthropological Perspectives on China (Stanford University Press, 2005); “House United, House Divided: Myths and Realities, Then and Now,” in House, Home, Family: Living and Being Chinese (University of Hawai’I Press, 2005); and “Writs of Passage in Late Imperial China: The Documentation of Practical Understandings in Minong, Taiwan,” in Contract and Property in Late Imperial and Republican China, ed. Madeleine Zelin, Robert Gardella, and Jonathan Ocko (Stanford University Press, 2004).

Professor Cohen received his PhD in anthropology from Columbia in 1967, after having joined the Columbia faculty in 1966.