Yao Lu

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology

Internal migration in China and Chinese immigration; public health issues; labor market inequality and educational stratification

Professor Lu received her BS from Fudan University in China and her MS in public health and PhD in sociology from UCLA. Her research focuses on social stratification and demography. She is particularly interested in understanding the processes, dynamics, and consequences of migration and immigration from a comparative perspective. Her current work examines the well-being of adults and children affected by various aspects of migration in several developing settings including China and Indonesia, the role of institutional and social factors in shaping labor market inequality in China, and the processes of immigration and of assimilation among Chinese immigrants in Europe and North America. She is also working on a national survey project on migration and children in China.

Professor Lu’s publications include “Education of Children Left Behind in Rural China,” Journal of Marriage and Family (forthcoming); “Household Migration, Remittances, and Its Impact on Health in Indonesia,” International Migration (forthcoming); “Mental Health and Risk Behaviors of Rural-Urban Migrants,” Population Studies (2010); “Rural-Urban Migration and Health,” Social Science and Medicine (2010); “The Effect of Family Size on Educational Attainment in China,” American Sociological Review (2008); “Educational Status of Temporary Migrant Children in China,” Asian and Pacific Migration Journal (2007); “Observations on the Design and Implementation of Sample Surveys in China,” Social Transformations in Chinese Societies (2006); and “Earnings and Expenditures among Migrants and Resident in Shanghai,” a chapter in the book Migration and the Remaking of Shanghai (2009).

Email: yao.lu@columbia.edu