Murray Rubinstein

Senior Research Scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

Christianity in China and Taiwan; development of modern Taiwan, government, politics and religion.

Professor Rubinstein has taught East Asian History at Baruch College of the City University of New York for over 30 years. During the 2010-2011 academic year, he acted as a Visiting Professor at Columbia University teaching the History of Taiwan. Previously, he had a brief stay at Columbia as an Adjunct Professor teaching the History of Modern China in the Spring of 1985. He also is a Chair for both the Traditional China Seminar and Modern China Seminar at Columbia University.

Professor Rubinstein writes on Christianity in China, Chinese popular religion, and on the socio-political development of Taiwan/the Republic of China and Fujian/ The Peoples Republic of China. His monographs include The Protestant Community on Modern Taiwan, and The Origins of the Anglo-American Missionary Enterprise in China, 1807-1840. He has edited The Other Taiwan and Taiwan, 1600-1996.  He is currently finishing work on his upcoming publication "James Klein, General Instrument, and the American Corporate Role in the Taiwan Miracle, 1964-1992" (Columbia University Press) in addition to several articles for Merwin Asia and Routledge.

Professor Rubinstein received his PhD in East Asian History and Modern European History from NYU in 1976.