Edwin A. Winckler

Senior Research Scholar

Politics of East Asian development, mostly the People's Republic of China

Ed Winckler has long studied politics and policies in the PRC. These days he is trying also to affect their development, by spending much time in China interacting with leading Chinese scholars. At their request, his recent lectures have included American politics, American security, Sino-American relations, climate change, core values, and Chinese Marxism.

To reach Chinese, Winckler gives most talks in Chinese and, when possible, publishes them in leading Chinese journals in Chinese. He is working particularly to update Chinese understanding of American politics. This effort includes blogging for the Caixin media group, teaching short courses at Chinese universities, and writing a short textbook to be published in China in Chinese.

Winckler loves living in the old Beijing neighborhood around the Drum Tower and nearby lakes. His most recent books are Governing China's Population (with Susan Greenhalgh, Stanford, 2005) and Transition from communism in China (edited, Lynne Reinner, 1999). Eventually he hopes to pursue broad historical comparison of political-institutional development in China and the West.

Email: eaw9@columbia.edu