Host Students in Beijing

Chen Mengxi (Sophie)


Sophie is a first-year graduate student at Peking University. She is majoring in Journalism and Communication. She received her Bachelor's degree of Journalism from the School of Journalism and Communication of Peking University and a second Bachelor's degree of French from the School of Foreign Languages of Peking University in June 2011. Her personal academic interest focuses on media analysis, especially on the electronic media signs in contemporary culture that use semiotic and structural approaches. She also has a strong interest in medical anthropology, such as illness and health in the context of culture, illness narratives, stigma and social discrimination. She has worked in several media venues as an intern reporter during her undergraduate years and she likes to conduct interviews of different characters from a variety of social groups. She has joined a research team that undertakes projects on different themes in different provinces of China like the status of elementary education in Tibetan rural areas and Green Island of Taiwan. She is looking forward to participating in this summer course to learn relevant, specialized information and interact with new professors and classmates.

Cui Lanxi


Nancy is a graduate student in Peking University. She is majoring in communication and journalism. She is interested in international communication and the communication between China and other countries. Before entering Peking University, Nancy was an English tutor, working for a Taiwanese company to teach foreigners how to write Chinese. She is a young writer and has published a book about her college student life. She loves sports very much and was a national judge for ping-pong and basketball in 2010. Nancy loves challenges, so she always takes part in many competitions. In 2010, she participated in one competition called China Model APEC Competition and won first prize. In the same year, she represented the Chinese college student and went Yokohama to attend the real APEC conference. During the eight days in Japan, she realized China should devote more attention to international communications. China needs to broadcast its own voice to the world quickly. Nancy has many hobbies, including singing, writing, dancing and reading.

Guo Yulin (Sarah)


Yulin is a first year graduate student at the School of Journalism & Communication, Peking University. She is majoring in mass communication. During college, she studied in Bogota, Columbia for a year as a Spanish Language and Literature major. She conducted research on the development of feminism in Columbia. Her rich travel experiences in South American countries have broadened her horizons and drawn her attention to marginalized groups in society. She  has devoted her time to working with NGOs doing various activities. As a volunteer of World Vision, she spent much of her time staying with blind children and helping them study.  She has also participated in the HIV Project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to address attitudes towards HIV and AIDS patients in society. By being active in a range of social welfare organizations, she became the leader of the branch of Chinese Young Volunteers Association in Sichuan International Studies University. As a graduate student at Peking University, she still perseveres to raise awareness about social problems. For instance, she held an English debate on low-carbon society to promote the concept of environmental protection. By equipping herself with professional knowledge in communication theory, she will be prepared for future academic work focusing on the cultural communication of urban marginalized people and sub-cultural groups. She believes that this summer program will benefit her academic development and future career.

Shen Ye


Ye is a rising senior at Peking University. She is majoring in journalism and communication. She received her bachelor's degree of Journalism and a second bachelor's degree of economics from Peking University in June 2011. Inspired by her mentor Professor Shi Zengzhi, her personal academic interest focuses on the relationship between media and civil society, especially on new media empowerment. During her time as an undergraduate, she built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as well as a rich experience of social activities. In the fall of 2010, she interned at China Society for Human Rights Studies, and helped organize the Third Beijing Forum on Human Rights where experts, scholars and officers from different countries shared their opinions on human rights. In December 2011, she took part in the PKU-SCF China NPOs Development Workshop organized by the Center for Civil Society Studies, Peking University and Hauser Center for NPOs, Harvard University. She acted as a teaching fellow and learned a lot about Chinese NGOs. =Additionally, Ye joined specific research teams, including an evaluation program on the NGO performance after 5•12 Earthquake in Sichuan Province; a research project on how E-commerce changed rural life in Shaji Town, Jiangsu Province, and a research project on the cultural industry of South Korea. She hopes this summer course will connect with her experiences and knowledge to broaden her eyes to relevant fields.

Wu Wan-Chen (Vivian)


Vivian is a rising senior at Peking University. She is majoring in Journalism and interested in International News. Her hometown is Taiwan and she came to China last September. and decided to study it as her main research focus  largely because of the special historical, geo-political, and cultural relations between cross-straits. Through extensive exposure to the news, she noticed China has a long history and intertwined relationship with Taiwan on almost every issue.  That naturally sparked her curiosity , as a born and raised Taiwanese citizen to explore China. She has since become interested in  learning about the broader northeast Asia region and has started learning Korean. Vivian  joined two student volunteer associations when she was at  NCCU; one is the Foundation for Autistic Children and Adults in Taiwan (FACT), the other is the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE).This September, she is going to be the intern for UN-WOMEN, China, a UN entity for improving gender equality and the empowerment of women in east and southeast Asia.
She hopes to contribute a diverse perspective in class discussions and serve as a bridge to help American friends get accustomed to a new environment, while sharpening her research and field study skills.

Zhang Ting Ting (Lotus)


Lotus is a first year graduate student at Peking University. She is majoring in Journalism and Communication. Her academic work focuses on communication, gender, and art. In addition to courses on Journalism, she is studying visual communication and sociology of the arts from other majors to support her studies. She volunteers at a LGBT NGO to conduct media research to decrease coverage on homophobia and discrimination, advocate for the rights and equality of those in the sexual minority and increase the visibility of the LGBT community. This summer, she hopes to utilize her knowledge to develop a new way of thinking about the LGBT community such as how political policies influence the operation of a LGBT NGO, and could art forms (including pop culture) communicate more effectively than the media and how.. She will apply these experiences to her own research interests and practice field.





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