Host Students in Beijing

Dun Tianyu

Tianyu is originally from Tianjin, a city southeast of Beijing. At Peking University, he is a junior and is majoring in politics and public administration. In his free time, Tianyu loves to play sports, especially soccer, and he is the president of the Peking University Soccer Association. He also enjoys gaming and reading traditional Chinese fiction and poetry, especially works by the famous poet Xin Qiji


Feng Xinrui

Xinrui is a junior at Yuanpei College, Peking University. After studying physics and philosophy for her first two years, she is now majoring in history and Chinese classics. Last semester, Xinrui studied at UCLA as an exchange student and took courses in political science and education, which greatly inspired her interest in both fields. She is considering continuing her studies in education after college. Xinrui has also worked as a volunteer teacher for students in Henan and Hubei provinces, as well as in Mexico and Los Angeles. As a host student in Beijing, she believes all GSP participants will have a great time during their stay.


Liu Qing (Jessica)

Jessica is a junior at Peking University, majoring in public policy and economics with a focus on comparative political economy. This year, Jessica participated in a training program to become a certified interviewer for the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS). This summer, she will travel to a rural area in central China to collect data for CHARLS and to observe how China’s welfare policies affect the lives of senior citizens.


Mian Luo (Jason)

Jason was born in Sichuan province and is a rising senior at the School of International Studies at Peking University. He was also an exchange student at the National Taiwan University, where he studied political science. Jason’s academic interests lie in Chinese politics and comparative/international political economy, and his life mission is to contribute to the growth of Chinese civil society. In the past two years, Jason co-founded Beijing 706 Youth Space, served as director of China Affairs in the Management of Global China Connection, founded Cross-Strait Supplement of Beidou, and built a local Taiwanese editing team. He is also a member of Global Fancci Society’s Central Committee


Zhao Peiqiang

Peiqiang is a senior in the School of Government at Peking University, where he is majoring in public administration with a minor in economics. In the summer of 2011, he traveled to Wenchuan in Gansu province, an area heavily affected by the Wenchuan earthquake, to teach local students. In hus free time, he enjoys sports such as basketball, swimming, and table tennis.


Zheng Yuqi (Veronica)

Veronica was raised in Hubei province, though her family now calls Guangdong province home. She is a junior at Peking University and is majoring in Chinese literature, but she also studies political economy. In her free time, Veronica is a volunteer at an NGO which conducts research and hosts activities to promote philanthropy. She is also a part-time playwright, applying her experiences and knowledge to create stories and bring them to life on stage. This summer, she hopes to sharpen her research and study skills, contribute a diverse perspective in class discussions, and serve as a bridge to help Columbia students get accustomed to their new environment.