Host Students in Santiago

Pablo Morris

Pablo is a sociologist and a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University. He has been with the Chilean consulting firm Asesorías para el Desarrollo since 2006, and is also a professor of sociology and research methodology at Universidad Diego Portales for military school students. Pablo has worked on several qualitative and quantitative research studies focused on analyzing and evaluating public policies implemented by government agencies. His areas of interest include social movements, civic education, citizen participation, and public policy designed to improve citizens’ skills.

Josué Muñoz

Josué was born in Chile but was raised in Los Angeles, California. He studied political science at UC- Irvine and completed a major North American road-trip after graduation, driving from California to Nova Scotia and back. Josué then returned to Chile to work for the ambassador of Costa Rica in Santiago. He has also worked in the wine industry in California and Chile, and now works at Fundación La Puerta. Josué is a first-year MPP student at Universidad Diego Portales.

Carlos Muñoz Grandón

Carlos is from Concepción, several hundred miles from Santiago, and studied political and administrative sciences at the Universidad de Concepción. At U de C, Carlos was a member of the soccer club and served on the 2011 student council, where he was in charge of the student and academic affairs committee. He also became more interested in economic and social public policy and is now a first-year MPP student at Universidad Diego Portales. Carlos loves to travel and described traveling in the United States and Latin America as one of the best experiences of his life.

Sergio Pirinoli

Sergio has a BA in political science from Universidad Diego Portales and is pursuing his master’s degree at the Institute of Public Policy at UDP. Sergio also works as a researcher for the Chilean Ministry of Education, as a research associate at the Observatory on Political and Electoral Studies at UDP, and as an adjunct professor in the education school at Universidad Finis Terrae. His interests include comparative politics and the politics of education, specifically how institutions and the policy-making process affect educational outcomes. Previously, he taught high school history and English in a low-income town through Enseña Chile, a partner of Teach for America.

Pedro Stancic Rokotov

Pedro is an economist with a bachelor’s degree in commercial engineering and sociology from the University of Chile. He has a background in impact assessment, governmental coordination, international trade, and urban planning, and has worked as a government official, a consultant, and a teacher. He currently works in foreign affairs for the government of Chile, specifically in the ProChile, export promotion, and commercial intelligence departments.

Constanza Uribe

Constanza studied political science at Diego Portales University, where she is now pursuing a master’s degree in public policy. She has worked at the Asia Pacific Center at UDP for the past six years where she develops programs related to economic and political relationships between Asian and Latin American countries. In 2008, she was a research assistant at the APEC Study Center Consortium in Peru and participated in the Korean government’s Invitation Program for University Students from BRICs and ABC Countries in South Korea. Constanza has completed research on education, immigration, trade, and investments, and is interested in public health, labor policy, and urban policy.