Global Scholars Program

Gain invaluable research experience during the journey of a lifetime.

The Columbia University Global Scholars Program allows Columbia faculty and students to conduct comparative research by applying theoretical approaches and differing methodologies in real-world settings.

Unlike traditional study abroad programs, the Global Scholars Program allows students to conduct fieldwork in one area of the world and then test their findings in a second host country that offers a new set of assumptions and variables. The program relies on the expertise, resources, and cross-regional networks offered by Columbia’s Global Centers. Its aim is to help Columbia undergraduates map the globe by exploring issues of transnational importance and applying social science research skills in a range of challenging and diverse international contexts.

Each summer, a group of undergraduate students—competitively chosen from across all Columbia schools and disciplines—is led by Columbia faculty members on a multi-week, multi-country research workshop on a theme of global importance. The program provides students with the opportunity to augment their field research by interacting with the key actors of specific regional issues: important leaders from government, business, and civil society, as well as ordinary citizens. They are also paired with local university students and professors to build an understanding of how theoretical and practical approaches to particular global problems differ from one regional community to another.

Previous Global Scholars Programs:
Summer 2012: Environment and Urbanization—Beijing, Shanghai, and Mumbai
Summer 2013: Pathways to Development—Beijing and Santiago
Summer 2014: Contemporary Cities of Eurasia—Berlin, Moscow, Ulan Bator, and Beijing
Summer 2015: Program details to be announced soon.

"To be a global scholar is to gain a real global perspective on how societies are dealing with their most pervasive problems. This is done by walking the built environment, talking to active citizens, meeting with governmental officials, and listening to scholars in the very places these problems are happening. The Global Scholars Program is this and much more…"
-Pablo Mota, Alumnus, 2012 GSP


GSP 2012

GSP 2013

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For more information, contact Kara Lightman at khl2121@columbia.edu.