Teaching Assistants

Wei Wang

Wei Wang received her B.A. in Sociology and a second major in Economics from Peking University in July 2011 and obtained her M.A. in Sociology from Columbia University in May 2012. After this summer, she will be a Ph.D. candidate in Communication at UCS Annenberg School. During the last several years, she has participated in various field research focusing on diverse topics, including the migrant labor issue at Foxconn, the Great Leap Forward and Great Famine period, and the education problem of Chinese migrant children. Through these experiences, she has developed interests in both new media studies and labor studies. Specifically, she would like to delve into studying the role of new media in facilitating labor protests in Southern China. She is also fascinated by the relationship between new media and the evolution of civil society in China.

In addition to a strong foundation of field study, Wei has also been active in student activities and was a key member of several student associations in organizing lectures, culture festivals and other activities. This summer, she will be the teaching assistant for the China portion of the Global Scholars Program. She hopes her knowledge of China will contribute to a better experience for the students.


Jai Kasturi

Jai Anand Kasturi is a Ph.D candidate in the Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies department at Columbia University. His interests include literary translation, the American-Indian experience, and the history of the Gandhi movement. He was a teaching assistant at Columbia for courses in cultural studies, South Asian history, and Middle Eastern history, and a winner of Columbia’s Presidential Teaching Award. Some of his translations of Hindi short stories have appeared in academic journals, literary magazines, and anthologies.

Jai specializes in Modern South Asia, with special focus on the politics of the Gandhi movement and its complex relationship with the left and right in Indian politics. He is currently finishing his dissertation



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