East Asian Regional Specialization within S.I.P.A.

The East Asia regional specialization provides students with interdisciplinary training in politics, international relations, modern history, culture, and/or society of the region.

Requirements for SIPA specialization in East Asia:

  • Complete a total of 3 courses for a total of 9 credits
  • Courses must be drawn from at least 2 different social science disciplines
  • Courses must cover at least two different East Asian countries
  • Language study courses cannot be counted towards the East Asian regional specialization
  • Complete and submit the Specialization Audit Form to Student Affairs Officer

Specialization Audit Form

Specialization Audit Form Deadlines:
August 1 for October Graduation
November 1 for February Graduation
January 29 for May Graduation

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute compiles a list of approved courses in the Graduate Course Bulletins each semester. Printed copies of the WEAI Graduate Course Bulletin can be found at the Institute in IAB 934 or on the Institute’s website.

Students are also encouraged to pursue a Certificate in East Asian Studies, if they have a 4th year level proficiency in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language.

Credits/Points at Columbia

A one-semester course is typically worth three credits, and meets for three hours per week over approximately 15 weeks. A full-time student typically takes a minimum of four courses or 12 credits per semester.


EA Specialization Resources

SIPA Specialization Website
SIPA Specialization Audit Form
Graduate Courses in East Asian Studies

For questions and inquiries, please contact the Student Affairs Officer, Jamie Tan at jt2895@columbia.edu.