Graduate Student Groups

A number of independent student groups focused on East Asia are active in generating programming for the Columbia University community. The groups most closely affiliated with the Institute are:

Asia Pacific Affairs Council (APAC)

APAC is a student-run organization open to anyone in the Columbia community who is interested in East Asia, including students, faculty, and visiting scholars. APAC's goal is to serve that community by holding events, distributing information and news, and serving as a focal point for Asia-related activities and services, such as lecture and film series, job and internship information sessions, as well as social and educational events. more

The Greater China Initiative (GCI)
The Greater China Initiative (GCI) in Columbia University aims to promote interaction and connection between students who are interested in the economy, politics, business, and media of the Greater China region. It also aims to serve as a resource center for students who are planning to work, live, travel or learn more about the region. It taps mainly into the resources and network available within School of International and Public Affairs and Columbia University which hails from all parts of Greater China. For more information or to join the mailing list click here.

Japan Study Student Association (JASSA)
The Japan Study Student Association is open to all who are interested in Japan 's politics, economy, culture and language. The goals of the group are: (1) to establish mutually-beneficial friendships between Japanese students and those from other countries by hosting seminars and social events; (2) to supply students who seek job opportunities in Japan with information for recruiting and internships; (3) to help students in their study of the Japanese language through regular language tables; and (4) to increase the level of interest and awareness of Japan. Events are held in English and Japanese and are open to the Columbia University community. For more information, please click here.

Khorlo Tibetan Studies Graduate Students Group
Rikpé Khorlo (Khorlo for short) is the Columbia University Modern Tibetan Studies graduate student group.  We meet several times a semester to support each other in our studies and discuss common intellectual interests across disciplines in Tibetan Studies.  Khorlo activities range from discussing an article to sharing our own research or practical advice, to keeping each other up-to-date on resources, courses, and internships.  We are also pleased to host talks by visiting professors and experts.  Please join us for our next meeting! 

For more information on upcoming meeting times and locations, contact:
Ulan or Becky Best and visit us here.

Korea Focus
Korea Focus serves the SIPA student body by enhancing the level of student relations and understanding of Korea-related issues. The group organizes film nights, lecture series, language tables, internship panels, and various social events. For more information, please click here.

Southeast Asia Student Initiative (SEASI)
The Southeast Asia Student Initiative (SEASI) is a student-run organization that serves as a forum for interaction among members of  the SIPA and greater Columbia community who share an interest in the Southeast Asian region. We are committed to promoting awareness,  understanding and dialogue on the region's culture, politics and economics through activities such as brown bag discussions, internship  panels, movie screenings and lecture series. SEASI also promotes the expansion of Southeast Asia-related resources and course offerings,  and works with university administrators to enact these additions. For more information contact Sissi Yan Xi Goh at and Richa Maheshwari at

Taiwan Focus
As a new student-initiated group, Taiwan Focus aims to foster understanding and awareness of this island country, and to encourage dialogue and research on Taiwan-related issues in Columbia University community. Taiwan Focus also serves as a platform to provide resources for those who are interested in studying and/or traveling in Taiwan. We organize and promote events including movie night, brown bag talk, seminar, cultural event, and art exhibition on- and off-campus, on various topics such as Taiwan's society, culture, politics, economy, and history. Contact Mu-Chen Yu at, or Tawei Lee at, or Serena Fu at to join our mailing list and learn more!

Other East Asia-Related Student Groups at Columbia