Mitsui USA Research Fellowship

Provides up to $5,000 in support for academic research in Japan. The Mitsui USA Research fellowship provides two Columbia students financial support to conduct first-hand academic research in Japan over a 6-8 week period during July and August. Priority will be given to those students with interest in international trade, business, investment, and/or interest in Japan’s role in regional and global affairs as demonstrated through course selection(s) and/or participation in past research projects. Priority is also given to applicants committed to the study of Japanese language through past courses.

  • Provides summer funding to support first-hand academic research in Japan
  • Eligibility
    • Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    • 3.0 GPA and above
    • Currently enrolled Columbia M.A. students in GSAS and the graduate and professional schools
  • Provides Up to $5,000 in support
  • Average of 2 awards per summer
  • Selection criteria include:
    • Academic excellence
    • Demonstrated commitment to East Asia, and to incorporating it in one's long-term academic or professional career goals
  • Recipients of the award must report to the Weatherhead East Asian Institute any additional funds, such as another grant, that they receive in support of the same activities. The total amount of funding received for the project must not exceed the limits dictated by the student's school. Should a student receive multiple sources of funding for the same project, the WEAI will adjust or withdraw the amount granted to the student so as to remain below the cap dictated by the student's school.
  • Recipients of the award must submit narrative and financial report within 30 days of completion of proposed project

Application Procedures

  • Submit the following application materials:
    • Basic Application
    • One page description of the proposed project
    • Official Columbia University transcript
    • Two letters of recommendation, preferably from a Columbia University faculty member or instructor
    • Detailed budget which includes a break down of your expenses
    • Resume and CV
    • Brief statement of purpose explaining your long-term academic/career plans and how this training grant will help you to achieve your plans
    • Any additional information (letters of invitation from host organizations, description of the language program, etc.) that you think would be helpful to the review committee

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