SIPA Department Research Assistantship
(at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute)

Provides a tuition credit of $8,100 per semester, and a salary of $2,400 per semester. Students are required to work 15 hours per week with Institute faculty and staff on projects as assigned. Preference is given to continuing students with a strong interest in East Asia, East Asian language ability, and proven organizational skills.

  • Provides academic year support
    • $16,200 tuition credit for the academic year
    • $4,800 in salary for the academic year
  • Eligibility
    • SIPA students only
    • Availability to work 15 hours per week at WEAI
    • Enroll for at least 12 points per semester
  • 1 award with WEAI per academic year
  • Selection criteria include
    • Academic excellence
    • Proven organizational skills
    • Interest in East Asia and East Asian language ability
  • Duties include
    • Planning and organizing East Asia related student events
    • Managing APAC, a WEAI-affiliated student group
    • Assisting WEAI faculty and staff with work as needed

Application Procedures

  • Must apply directly to SIPA
  • SIPA applications and instructions available online here
  • Assistant Dean Caroline Kay is the contact person for questions about the SIPA application.

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