Y.F. and L.C.C. Wu Fellowship

Available to all graduate students with a preference for students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, and for U.S. citizens of Chinese, Hong Kong, or Taiwan descent.

  • Provides academic year support
    • $5,000 stipend
  • Eligibility
    • Students from all Columbia graduate and professional schools
    • Preference for students from China or of Chinese descent.
  • Average of four awards per academic year
  • Selection criteria include
    • Academic excellence
    • Financial need
  • Recipients of the award must report to the Weatherhead East Asian Institute any additional funds, such as another grant, that they receive in support of the same activities. The total amount of funding received for the project must not exceed the limits dictated by the student's school. Should a student receive multiple sources of funding for the same project, the WEAI will adjust or withdraw the amount granted to the student so as to remain below the cap dictated by the student's school.

Application Procedures

  • Submit the following application materials:
    • Basic Application Form
    • Resume/CV
    • documentation of Chinese citizenship or, if possible, of Chinese heritage
    • one to two-page statement of purpose regarding your academic/career plans and how the Wu fellowship will help you succeed in your endeavors
    • official Columbia University transcript
    • one letter of recommendation from a faculty member or instructor familiar with your work
    • completed Y.F. and L.C.C. Wu Fellowship Financial Statement Worksheet
    • supporting documentation for the financial statement worksheet, including a copy of your tax return from two years ago

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