Mehmet Dosemeci

Mehmet Dosemeci received his PH.D. in History from Columbia University in 2009. Before joining ICLS as an Interact Fellow, he spent a year as a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His overall work engages with the intellectual and cultural history of Turkish-European relations in the twentieth century. His current book project, Joining Europe: Civilization and Nationalism in Turkish-EEC Relations, examines how Turkey's half-century long membership bid into the European Union transformed Turkey's understanding of itself and its place within the world. Going beyond the diplomatic and political accounts of Turkish-EU relations, it traces the existential grip that the European project held over the Turkish social-imaginary.

As a visiting assistant professor at Bowdoin College and Columbia University, Mehmet has taught courses on a variety of topics including European intellectual history, global social movements, and the national imagination.



Postdoctoral Research Scholar

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