Internet Resources - Modern Tibetan Studies Program

For more details see Tibetan Resources on the web prepared by the C V Starr East Asian Library, which includes on-line dictionaries, radio stations and art guides.

Here are a few others that might also be useful.

Official PRC institutions:

Catalogue of Tibet Studies a bibliography of recent academic studies on Tibet produced and published in the PRC.

China Daily's Tibet Site, official PRC English-language daily newspaper, with articles on Tibet and links to other official PRC Tibet-related sites

China Tibet Information Center - - Chinese government news reports and articles

China's Tibet, sample pages from an official PRC English-language journal on Tibet

Exile Government and Advocacy Organizations

International Campaign for Tibet, a pro-Tibet advocacy group based in Washington D.C.

Legal Materials on Tibet, a selection of international documents relating to Tibet's status claims

Exile Tibetan Government, website of the exile Tibetan administration in India

WTN ("World Tibet News"), daily exile-oriented selection of news articles relating to Tibet

Academic, unaffiliated and other sites:

Amnyemachen Institute, critical and independent studies and publications from Dharamsala

Center for Research on Tibet, run by Prof. Melvyn Goldstein, the leading historian and lexicographer of modern Tibetan, at Case Western Reserve

Tibet Heritage Fund, the site of the NGO that worked in Lhasa on architectural preservation till 2000

Tibet Information Network (TIN), formerly / issued  news reports and background on political and social issues in Tibet, plus some important primary texts, from 1987 to 2005 but has been closed down. Most materials have been lost or stolen, including all the website files. A site with a very similar name and with an identical-looking website based in Germany operates without authorization from the former Board or Founders of TIN. Some items that have been recovered are available to researchers from Columbia's Starr East Asian Library on application.

Tibet Journal, A well-regarded Tibetan studies journal published in India

Tibet Map Institute Various maps of central and southern Tibet, available for downloading and some satellite photos are used. See also for a list of historic and other maps on the web.

Tibet Studies WWW Virtual Library Australian University guide to internet resources on Tibet news

Tibet Townships Search Engine - - for searching official pinyin names of xiangs

Trace Foundation, major development organisation funding Tibet-related projects in the PRC

The Program works closely with a number of Tibetan studies programs abroad, such as those at the Universities of Tibet, Vienna, Oxford, and Cambridge, as well as with U.S. programs at Virginia, Harvard, Chicago, Indiana and other institutions.