Meet the Interns


Tiffany Blair

Tiffany Blair is a freshman at Columbia College and is interested in biology and business management. She is an avid world traveler, and especially loves visiting East Asian countries and being exposed to the different cultures. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis, running, and exploring the great food in NYC. Tiffany is also a member of the Columbia University Wind Ensemble and an Organizational Committee Member of Columbia University's Taiwanese American Students Association.



Deanna Nardy

Growing up with three brothers led Deanna to have some very different interests as a child. As a result, she loves action movies and plays XBox like it's a problem. However, it wasn't until her older brother introduced her to the anime "Dragon Ball Z" that she really became insanely set on the path she still follows today. Anime ignited Deanna's interest not only in Japanese cartoons, but in Japanese culture too. As a Columbia College student, she is majoring in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a specific focus on Japanese literature. Because her passion is for reading, writing and drawing within this Japanese context, Deanna wants to go to a manga college in Japan after she graduates from Columbia. Ultimately, her dream is to be a manga artist whose story becomes as famous as Dragon Ball and thus inspire children in the way she was inspired.



Bou Lee

Bou is a freshman at Columbia College planning on majoring in East Asian Languages and Culture, with a discipline in Political Science/Economics. Because of her Korean background, she has cultivated a passion for East Asia. She is proficient in both Korean and Mandarin. Bou is also an Organizational Committee Member of Columbia University‚Äôs Korean Student Association, a Political Committee Member of the Asian American Alliance, and a Tech Committee Member for the East Coast Asian American Student Union. Her favorite experience traveling abroad so far has been eating scorpions at WangFuJin shopping center in Beijing.