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A note to students from Candace Fleming, Vice President and CIO, CUIT

03 Sep 07

Welcome Students!

On behalf of Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT), welcome to campus!

As the central Information Technology unit at the University, CUIT provides Columbia students with central computing and communications services such as email, Internet access, telephone service, the CourseWorks course management system, computer labs, ColumbiaNet kiosk stations and electronic classrooms.

Over the summer, CUIT staffers were busy creating, installing and upgrading many of the technology resources used by students, most notably:
  • New Columbia University ID Cards. As part of Columbia’s comprehensive, ongoing project to help ensure campus safety and the integrity of personal information, CUIT partnered with Student Services and several other groups across the Columbia community to produce and deploy your new University ID cards. New students received the new cards when they arrived on campus this semester. Returning students will receive the new cards later this year. The new cards will improve security and convenience for building access and use of dining and flex dollars. To learn more about these new ID cards, please visit
  • New state-of-the-Art wireless networking was installed throughout Butler Library and the Watson Library in Uris Hall. Additionally, 560 Riverside Drive’s UAH Ethernet wiring was completed, as were many other projects with Facilities.
  • CUIT installed new electronic classrooms in Hamilton and in Journalism, and upgraded several others, including two in Mudd, one in Hamilton and one in Math. Electronic classrooms include electronic podiums, screens, projectors, PCs and touch-panel controls, as well as DVDs, VCRs, speakers and wireless connectivity.
  • New high-speed print stations were added to East Campus, Hartley and Lerner Halls, and 70 ColumbiaNet Kiosk Stations were completely upgraded, each with a new Dell Optiplex 745 computer, 20” monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Much of the summer was dedicated to CUIT’s biggest project, providing the networking infrastructure for the newest, most technologically advanced building at Columbia; Manhattanville’s Studebaker building, home to Columbia’s Human Resources, Finance, and IT groups.
  • In October, CUIT will release the next version of CubMail, the University's web email interface. This next version handles non-English languages more easily, provides the ability to share your email folders with others, and has integrated mail filtering.
  • And of course, CUIT provides all Columbia students with technical support through the CUIT Helpdesk. For technical assistance with computers, telephones or network connectivity, you can email or call the CUIT Helpdesk at 212-854-1919. You can bring notebook computers and other hardware issues to the CUIT Client Service Center located in Philosophy 102. Please call the Helpdesk first, as some issues may require an appointment.
For a list of all of the services CUIT provides to students, faculty and staff, please visit

We will continue to work hard to provide you with the technologies you need to achieve your goals, and help enrich your Columbia University experience.

Have a great fall semester!

Candace C. Fleming
Vice President and CIO
Columbia University Information Technology