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Welcome from Candace Fleming, VP and CIO

18 Aug 09

Welcome Students!

Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT) welcomes new and returning Columbia students to campus.

As the central Information Technology unit at the University, CUIT provides Columbia students with central computing and communications services such as email, Ethernet and wireless network and Internet access, telephone and cable TV service, the CourseWorks course management system, computer labs, ColumbiaNet kiosk stations, electronic classrooms and much more.

Over the summer, CUIT staffers were busy creating, installing and upgrading many of the technology resources used by students. Some of the work focused on upgrading the infrastructure that supports many of the systems students and faculty use every day.

CUIT supported hundreds of construction projects across the Morningside campus, upgraded electronics that support Columbia's network infrastructure. To enhance students' experience at Columbia, CUIT worked hard this summer on more projects, including:

eClassrooms: CUIT has added many new Electronic Classrooms with multi‐media technologies that enhance classroom work.

CourseWorks: Upgrades to CourseWorks, Columbia's course management system will provide a secure, better, and more robust experience for students and faculty.

Websites: CUIT's Interactive Services group has created/updated many websites at Columbia, including those for the Pulitzer Prize, Human Resources, Facilities, Veteran Affairs, Faculty House, The War Memorial, Graduate School of Architecture, School of Continuing Education and more.

CUIT Helpdesk: To upgrade the on‐site technical support CUIT has always provided, we have opened the terrific new CUIT Helpdesk Support Center in 202 Philosophy Hall (upstairs from its previous location).

Financial Aid System: CUIT and Student Services collaborated to upgrade Columbia's Financial Aid system coming online this winter.

Cable TV service with a newly expanded lineup of over 100 channels, including four premium channels and seven local high-definition channels, is available to students living in University residence halls.

SSOL: Upgrades to Student Services Online that will enhance faculty‐grading capabilities, transcript requests and improve the health insurance waiver process for students.

Green IT: CUIT works closely with the Office of Environmental Stewardship and other area programs such as PlaNYC to make earth-smart IT decisions; working across the University, and with ecoReps and other student groups, CUIT has launched a "Green Printer" pilot in 251 Engineering Terrace and a Greening Station on the Lerner ramp during the New Student Orientation Program.

IT Security has outlined policies and processes to help you keep your computers - and data - safe and secure. The Getting Started Guide is a great place to start. During this year's New Student Orientation Program, be sure to visit the Security booth for more information or to ask questions you may have.

These are just some of the projects and services CUIT has been concentrating on over the summer as you arrive on campus, we look forward to continuing to provide you with technologies that support and enhance your experience at Columbia University.

We are excited to begin the 2010 school year with you as always, if you need technical support or have questions about any of the services CUIT provides, the CUIT Helpdesk is just an email, phonecall or in‐person visit away:

Contact the CUIT Helpdesk for technical support

  • Online:
  • By email:
  • In‐person: CUIT Helpdesk Support Center, 202 Philosophy Hall
    • Monday‐Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm
  • By phone: 212‐854‐1919
    • Monday‐Thursday 8:00am‐11:00pm
    • Friday 8:00am‐7:00pm
    • Saturday 10:00am‐6:00pm, Sunday 3:00pm‐11:00p


Have a great fall semester,

Candace C. Fleming
VP and CIO
Columbia University Information Technology