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The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry.

Columbia International Affairs Online.

Social Work Titles

Mutual Aid Groups, Vulnerable Populations, and the Life Cycle, 2nd Edition, Edited by Alex Gitterman and Lawrence Shulman

Supervision in Social Work, 3rd Edition, by Alfred Kadushin

Handbook of Gerontological Services, 2nd Edition, Edited by Abraham Monk

Turning Promises into Performance, by Richard P. Nathan

The Philosophical Foundations of Social Work, by Frederic G. Reamer

Task Strategies, by William J. Reid

Qualitative Research in Social Work, by Edmund Sherman and William J. Reid, Editors

Earth Science Titles

The Great Paleozoic Crisis, by Douglas H. Erwin

Seismosaurus: the Earth Shaker, by David D. Gillette

Invasions of the Land, by Malcolm S. Gordon and Everett C. Olson

Sedimentographica, by Franco Ricci Lucchi

International Affairs Titles

Jordan's Inter-Arab Relations, by Laurie A. Brand

Managing Indonesia: The Modern Political Economy, by John Bresnan

The Logic of Anarchy: Neorealism to Structural Realism, by Barry Buzan, Charles Jones, and Richard Little

Hemmed In: Responses to Africa's Economic Decline, Edited by Thomas M. Callaghy and John Ravenhill

China's Road to the Korean War: The Making of the Sino-American Confrontation, by Chen Jian

Parchment , Printing and Hypermedia: Communication in the World Order Transformation, by Ronald J. Deibert

Rethinking Nationalism in the Arab Middle East, by Israel Gershoni and James Jankowski, eds.

Liberalization and Foreign Policy, by Miles Kahler

The Culture of National Security, by Peter J. Katzenstein, ed.

The Liberal Moment: Modernity, Security, and the Making of Postwar International Order, by Robert Latham

International Relations Theory and the End of the Cold War, by Richard Ned Lebow and Thomas Risse-Kappen

Ozone Discourses, by Karen T. Litfin

The Cold War on the Periphery , by Robert J. McMahon

Sex Among Allies: Military Prostitution in U.S./Korea Relations, by Katharine H.S. Moon

China's Transition, by Andrew J. Nathan

Losing Control? Sovereignty in an Age of Globalization , by Saskia Sassen

Gender in International Relations, by J. Ann Tickner

Weapons, Culture, and Self-Interest: Soviet Defense Managers in the New Russia , by Kimberly Marten Zisk

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