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Annual Migrations of Three Sherpa Yak-herds of Khumjung
Black-and-white line map showing the seasonal migration routes of three Sherpa yak-owners from Khumjung, Nepal. The symbols are explained at the beginning of a four-page description of the yak migration that refers to the map as "Diagram B": triangles stand for permanently inhabited villages; rectangles for subsidiary settlements with crop-cultivations, circles for subsidiary settlements without fields, and crosses for unroofed shelters on high pastures.

Map of the city of Calcutta

City of Bombay

Environs of Calcutta
Map of Calcutta and surrounding area

Ethnic Groups of Pakistan
Shaded map of Pakistan, showing distribution of ethnic groups.

European Settlements in South Asia, 1498-1763
Map depicting dates and locations of first settlements by the British, Danish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese on the Indian subcontinent

Historical Map of India
Detailed 1882 map of India showing towns, cities, provinces, rivers.

India's Religions
Map of India's religious groups, by region and population.

India During the War of 1857-58
Map depicting the degrees of involvement of Indian states during the 1857 rebellion

Lahore and Amritsar
Detailed topographical map of Lahore and Amritsar in post-Partition Punjab.

Languages and Minority Religions of India
Map of India showing major language groups and minority religions (1973)

Languages and Minority Religions of India
Map of India showing major language groups and minority religions.

Madras and environs

Major Bangladeshi Cities
Small map of Bangladesh showing major cities.

Major Indian Cities
Small map of India showing major cities.

Major Pakistani Cities
Small map of Pakistan showing major cities.

Major Sri Lankan Cities
Small map of Sri Lanka showing major cities.

Map of an area of midwestern Nepal
Hand-drawn map of an area of the midwestern region of Nepal encompassing the village of Simikot in the north, Tibrikot to the west, and the town of Dailekh to the south. Dotted lines possibly represent the route traveled by Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf during his 1958 tour of the area northeast of Pokhara.

Map of Bangladesh
Map of Bangladesh's political boundaries, including divisions, with railroads and roads.

Map of India
Map of India's political boundaries, including states, with railroads and roads.

Map of Nepal
Map of the city of Calcutta

Map of Pakistan
Map of Pakistan's political boundaries, including provinces, with railroads and roads.

Political Map of Sri Lanka
Map showing boundaries of Sri Lanka's provinces, with railroads and roads.

Population Density of India
Shaded map of India's population per square mile/kilometer.

Population Density of Pakistan
Shaded map of population per square mile/kilometer.

Sri Lanka's Population Density, Ethnic Groups, and Land Uses
Maps showing Sri Lanka's population density, ethnic groups, and land uses.

The 1947 Partition of India
Interactive map showing national boundaries on the Indian subcontinent, pre- and post-August 15, 1947

The Indian Empire
Map depicting British colonial India (red), Indian- administered territories (pink), and independent states and territories (green)