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JOVE, JOVES, JOVIS. Jove, otherwise known as Jupiter, was the chief deity of the Roman pantheon. The name became a poetic alternative after Jupiter gained precedence during the Roman classical period.

Palamon addresses Venus as daughter of Jove, KnT 2222. The Dreamer sees the story of Troy depicted on a brass tablet in Venus's temple, how Jove kisses Venus and abates the tempest that jeopardizes Eneas's fleet, HF I.219-220. The dreamer wonders if Jove intends to "stellyfye" him as the eagle picks him up, HF II.584-587, but the great bird says that Jove has no such intention, HF II.595-599. Jove recognizes the dreamer's humility and virtue when he makes his head ache with study, HF II.630-640. Jove wants the eagle to bear the dreamer to the House of Fame as a recompense for his devotion to Cupid, HF II.661-671, HF III.2007-2010. Jove beats the air into thunder, HF II.1040-1041. Jove appears as a name for Jupiter throughout Troilus and Criseyde. [Juno: Jupiter: Venus]

Chaucer uses Jove or Joves where he needs one or two syllabic stresses and Jupiter when he needs three. Jove occurs three times initially as an apostrophe, Tr III.722, IV.1149, 1192; ten times in medial positions, Tr III.625, 1015, 1016, IV.335, 1079; V.207, 1544, 1853; LGW F 525, LGW G 513. Joves, originally OF nominative case, appears eleven times as ME nominative case, Tr II.1607, III.15, 2007, V.2, 1446, 1525; HF II.586, 597, 630, 661, 1041; twice as ME accusative case, HF I.219; Tr V.957; four times as ME genitive case, medially, Tr I.878, III.3, 150; IV.1337; Jovis appears once, as genitive case, MerchT 2224.

Jove is also another name for the planet Jupiter. Cancer is Jove's exaltation, MerchT 2222-2224. Jove in conjunction with Saturn and Cancer brings the smoky rain, Tr III.624-644.

Jovis, the Old and medieval Latin variant derived from Sanskrit Djovis, meaning "bright heaven," occurs as genitive case, MerchT 2224; CCL 232.

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