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The 9th Annual Morton Deutsch Awards for Social Justice

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Columbia University Morningside Campus Teachers College Grace Dodge Hall, Room 179

Talk is titled A Childs Tale: Marginalization to Power
- Introduction by Teachers College President, Dr. Susan Fuhrman
- Anna Gaarde will be awarded the 2013 Morton Deutsch Award for an Outstanding Graduate Student Paper on Social Justice

Gretchen Buchenholz co-founded the Association to Benefit Children (ABC) in 1986 with the immediate goal of alleviating the suffering of New York Citys children and protecting their families from the crushing pressures of poverty, drugs, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and violence. A fearless and passionate advocate for change, Gretchen Buchenholz has undertaken numerous vital advocacy campaigns on behalf of Americas most marginalized children.

This advocacy has saved thousands of lives and achieved broad reforms in education and healthcare policy that include: ensuring inclusionary education for disabled preschoolers; securing HIV counseling, testing, and treatment for all children resulting in a substantial reduction in the number of children born with HIV infections; ensuring diagnosis and life-saving treatment for homeless children with asthma; advancing mental health parity for children; and eliminating the cruel and expensive practice of boarding babies in hospital ward! s. In addition, Gretchen Buchenholz has pioneered the creation of a whole family approach in ABCs comprehensive, cost-effective, and replicable direct service programs for vulnerable children. These services intervene as early as possible in a childs intellectual, emotional, and physical development while offering wrap-around services designed to support and empower at-risk families.